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// Product Support Thursday, 16 August 2018


i2i Platform English Video
Manage and View Standards Online
[Wednesday 10 June, 2015]
Creating a Better World Through Better Water
Created by: US Marketing Team
[Tuesday 24 September, 2013]



Adding new search features in the next few weeks
Multilingual versions now have simple switch language feature
Management Dashboard new feature release
Here to help
Working with you to develop i2i
"Collaborating with clients and partners to develop the i2i Solution."
Welcome - The i2i Platform is an online subscription service for managing Standards and technical documents, we are here to help and support your requirements.
My i2i - Upload and manage your own documents, policies and best practice documents alongside National and International Standards within i2i.
Click 2 View C2V - Allows you to licence and view information from many other publishers in an annual subscription environment. Manage alerts, view full text documents and download watermarked protected standards.
i2i Participate - Allows teams to work together on-line to create internal documents or policies that reference Standards and technical information.
Our team are here to help you with all our tools and services. We also offer on site training where appropriate so please contact us to tailor your support programme.
New updates for 2016

This i2i Platform quarterly software update focuses on improving the user interface and search enhancements.
New Features - The following improved features will be available on the i2i Platform:
Quick Search capability – users requested a fast and easy way to return relevant results by simply entering your document number or significant keywords in the single Quick Search field
Fuzzy Search improvements – users wanted a more intelligent way to find the results, even if the search criteria has been input incorrectly, such as a spelling error
Saved Search feature – users needed to save important search criteria and simply retrieve results
Results Option view – select the way results are returned either by relevancy or alphabetically
Australian Legislation linked from relevant Standard into Lawlex
Russian and Chinese language version now available

Further advancements are also available:
Edit links to external webpages and documents – links can now be re-named and re-ordered within the list in a straightforward way, adding further customization to your system
We have some support documents to help you navigate through the i2i Platform, please download your requirements.
Updated terms and conditions for the i2i Platform and our Fair Use Policy : Terms _ Conditions for C2V Fair Use Policy T_Cs
Contact our UK/EMEA support team at :
+44 (0) 1344 636 314
Contact our Americas support team at :
+ 1 201 986 1131
Contact our APAC support team at :
+ 61 2 8206 6060
New Hazardous Substance Knowledge Base from SAI
Many organisations use substances that can cause both immediate and long-term damage to people and the environment. Besides causing personal and environmental harm, incorrect handling, labeling and transportation of these substances can attract considerable penalties and liabilities. The Hazardous Substances module of SAI Globals HSE Knowledge Base helps organisations to understand and meet their legal obligations, avoiding damage to their reputation that non-compliance can cause keeping people safe.
Created by: Matthew Clark
Type:Created by: N241
[Wednesday 01 March, 2017]
ASME Boiler Pressure Vessel Codes 2017
Now available
Created by:
[Thursday 16 April, 2015]
New Network Rail Standards Catalogue
Download Free PDF
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[Wednesday 15 April, 2015]
ISO 9001 and 14001 Transition Training
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[Thursday 05 March, 2015]