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// Partner Information Friday, 24 November 2017


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[Wednesday 10 June, 2015]
Creating a Better World Through Better Water
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[Tuesday 24 September, 2013]



Worldwide partner connections
Collaborative development
Connecting customers with solutions
Working with Global Publishers and Partners
"Collaborating with global publishers and partners to meet the compliance challenges ahead"
Why so many global publishers and partners provide core content into the i2i Solution is because we have an exceptional history of delivering Standards and Technical Information to business.
Evolving from our traditional PDF and print services, with wrapped around tailored content updating, we are now integrating into customer’s digital requirements and delivering solutions that connects critical business information.
We are working closely with information users to help enhance their management and use of Standards, encourage stronger copyright protection and through incorporating the Click2View subscription service, allowing full text Standards to be accessed via more permitted devices and users.
Across SAI Global, we have ambitious plans for growth. We want to reach more businesses with services that support their future information requirements and we value our partners and publishers to help us achieve this. If you have any new content ideas or applications that would suit our products and services please contact us.
This Month's Featured Publisher
CSA Logo

CSA Group: Advancing Today, Anticipating Tomorrow
Established in 1919 as Canada’s first Standards Development Organization (SDO), CSA Group is a global leader in standards development, testing and certification, and consumer product evaluation services. CSA Group publishes and maintains over 3,000 standards for the safety, design and performance of a wide range of disciplines, including:
▪ Quality Management▪ Environment & Carbon Management / Performance
▪ Occupational Health & Safety
▪ Electrical
▪ Energy
▪ Construction
More than 9,000 CSA Group members provide the broad range of technical knowledge, experience and expertise required for standards development. Members participate on standards development committees, which are created using a “balanced matrix” approach, meaning that each committee is structured to capitalize on the combined strengths and expertise of its members -- with no single group dominating. Functioning as a neutral third party, CSA Group has earned an international reputation for both integrity and technical credibility as an SDO.
Many of CSA Group’s standards have been globally and regionally harmonized as a result of participation in international groups and forums that create standards. CSA Group standards are often cited in legislation at federal, provincial, state and municipal levels across North America.
As a world leader in standardization, CSA Group manages major secretariats at the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), on behalf of the Standards Council of Canada (SCC), the Canadian ISO member body. This project work includes the secretariats for technical committees on Quality Management (ISO’s largest), Environmental Management, Greenhouse Gas Management and Carbon Capture and Storage.
In addition to standards development, CSA Group has offered standards-based training for over 20 years, drawing on the expertise of instructors who, in many cases, have contributed to the development of standards. Formats range from instructor-led workshops to online learning to personnel certification programs. Standards-based training also helps due diligence in demonstrating compliance with regulatory requirements. To learn more about CSA Group training, go to CSA Group Learning Institute or call (877) 557-1466.
If you are interested in making a connection with us, follow these links;
New Hazardous Substance Knowledge Base from SAI
Many organisations use substances that can cause both immediate and long-term damage to people and the environment. Besides causing personal and environmental harm, incorrect handling, labeling and transportation of these substances can attract considerable penalties and liabilities. The Hazardous Substances module of SAI Globals HSE Knowledge Base helps organisations to understand and meet their legal obligations, avoiding damage to their reputation that non-compliance can cause keeping people safe.
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[Wednesday 01 March, 2017]
ASME Boiler Pressure Vessel Codes 2017
Now available
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[Thursday 16 April, 2015]
New Network Rail Standards Catalogue
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[Wednesday 15 April, 2015]
ISO 9001 and 14001 Transition Training
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[Thursday 05 March, 2015]