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[Wednesday 10 June, 2015]
Creating a Better World Through Better Water
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The Standards Subscription Services
"Showcasing critical business information"
Subscription Services
If you are buying more than twenty standards, need to network them across your organization and keep informed of any changes then subscription based access is a cost effective and secure way of managing information.
Full-text management or Click2View allows users to access documents and download the PDF to their local devices.
SAI Global has many services to help, please email us for more information or to register for a free trial: click here

i2i Standards Infobase
The i2i Standards Infobase is a powerful resource giving you detailed information from over 330 national and international organisations. This Infobase allows users to manage and control their own library of Standards and Technical Specifications and monitor any changes to the information you need. Linking your own documents to the content, bookmarking, adding notes and purchasing control delivers advanced user management features and benefits. Simple and cost effective to use the i2i Standards Infobase keeps users connected to business critical information.
Metals Infobase
Metals Infobase is a market leading database on metal grades and properties, suppliers and metallurgical standards. It is an annual, networkable, subscription service that includes over 75,000 metal grades with their chemical composition, mechanical and physical properties, form and heat treatment details.
Combined with the vast number of essential facts on metal grades, the detailed bibliographic information covers over 50,000 worldwide metals-related standards and a full directory of 15,000 leading global suppliers.
Materials Infobase
Materials Infobase is SAI Global’s market leading database on non-metallic materials and products, their properties, specifications, suppliers and test standards. The annual subscription service that includes detailed information on over 115,000 different materials. Materials Infobase covers polymers, rubbers, resins, adhesives, fibres, ceramics, additives, pre-pregs, semi-finished products and more. All information is compiled directly from manufacturer data sheets, ensuring accuracy and creating this unique material selection database.
i2i Eurolaw
i2i Eurolaw is a market leading full-text legal database of European Union Law. It comprises the official Celex database plus additional information not covered by Celex. Eurolaw is an annual subscription service acclaimed for its ease of use and breadth of information. We have added the C series data from the Information and Notices section of the Official Journal, together with the Judgments from the European Court of Human Rights and links to the Official Journal in electronic format in all the published languages, as well as COM docs dating back to January 1998. There are also links from the CE Marking and Directives to bibliographic records of the relevant standards required to attain the CE Mark.
Legal and research professionals working with European Union Law have welcomed this collection of key information from multiple official sources saving both time and money for users.
Logicom is an online annual subscription service that provides a comprehensive database of parts and suppliers for US Government procurement and commercial enterprise. Using information from the Federal Logistics Information System (FLIS), regular updates help keep active parts and supplier data relevant while maintaining a commercial purchase history.
Users create a competitive advantage by using the information to research specifics of DoD bid opportunities and other RFQs, monitoring competitor activities and tracking pricing trends.
Tracking over 150 million items, Logicom comprehensively covers National Stock Numbers and National Item Identification Numbers alongside many military and commercial part drawings and vendor catalogues.
To register for a free trial: click here or
Call our team on APAC +61 2 8206 6060 or US +1 201 986 1131 or EMEA +44 (0) 1344 636 314
New Hazardous Substance Knowledge Base from SAI
Many organisations use substances that can cause both immediate and long-term damage to people and the environment. Besides causing personal and environmental harm, incorrect handling, labeling and transportation of these substances can attract considerable penalties and liabilities. The Hazardous Substances module of SAI Globals HSE Knowledge Base helps organisations to understand and meet their legal obligations, avoiding damage to their reputation that non-compliance can cause keeping people safe.
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[Wednesday 01 March, 2017]
ASME Boiler Pressure Vessel Codes 2017
Now available
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[Thursday 16 April, 2015]
New Network Rail Standards Catalogue
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[Wednesday 15 April, 2015]
ISO 9001 and 14001 Transition Training
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[Thursday 05 March, 2015]