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Manage and View Standards Online
[Wednesday 10 June, 2015]
Creating a Better World Through Better Water
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Secure web based service
Manage information subscriptions
Management reporting tools
Cost effective document control
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Our i2i Platform
"Technology and people at the heart of our products and services"
i2i Platform
The i2i Platform is a configurable secure on-line service for organizing critical resources such as Standards and Technical documents for storage, retrieval and distribution.
Configured to your requirements to manage corporate collections
The i2i Platform is a flexible software service that can be configured in several ways to suit your requirements. From large international corporates with multiple sites to small businesses involved in compliance and risk issues, the i2i Platform can help organize documents to be relevant and accessible.
Online and configurable
From just managing and watching information catalogues, to hosting your internal documents or having full click-to-view (subscription) access of licensed content, the i2i Platform has many purposes.
It provides the much-needed centralization, workflow optimization, virtual collaboration, document management, and distribution solutions for many organizations wishing to control cost and access to licensed content.
Organizations also use the i2i Platform to securely manage their own technical content, subscribe to and protect third party copyright, manage updates to technical documents and support information compliance to Standards and other purchased business intelligence.
The i2i Highlights
Flexible, Customised Collections and Groups
Create customised collections of documents to be shared amongst chosen team members. You can also integrate in-house information and add links to external sources to create a central repository of key data. Projects are managed smarter, faster and more productively.
By linking to PDF's, MS Word, Excel and AutoCad files, you can choose which global content you want in your collection and make available to your team.
Security and Copyright Protection
An individual’s email is used as a secure login to ensure only approved members can access custom groups and collections. User activity is tracked and critical content can be watermarked to the user, so improving copyright integrity.
Fast Access
Slow internet speeds can make downloading documents a frustrating task. i2i’s proprietary QuickView provides an instant online view of a document in your collection enabling you to find key information quickly, whilst our Click2View facility can download your PDF document in the background.
Access from Anywhere, at Anytime
i2i is a 24/7 desktop application and can be accessed on any device with an internet connection, including Smartphones. Remote workers can access and can update key information on-the-go to maintain productivity.
The Click2View service
Click2View is the “Full Text” subscription service from SAI Global. Click2View allows constant access to your suite of Technical documents to anyone in your organization within the i2i platform. Access to the Full Text content is only focused on the documents required and always incorporates the latest version - essential for those ISO or other quality audits. Click here for Click2View datasheet .
Cost Savings
Choose which sites require access to i2i. This means you only pay for the services and information you need and avoid unnecessary expenditure. Document duplications can be avoided and purchasing controls ensure only authorized people can buy new content.
Extensive Coverage
The i2i Platform allows for information to be managed from multiple sources and viewed by multiple sites and users. From small businesses, to large corporates and global member led organizations, i2i can provide extensive coverage.
Update Notifications
Document Watch notifies you whenever a document is updated so you are always working with the latest and correct information.
Multilingual Options
When you have different sites in different areas of the world, you can choose which language you would like to use. Current languages supported: English, French, Italian, German and Spanish.
Open and Transparent Management Reporting
Live user statistics and reporting using dashboards, shows you exactly which documents are being viewed so you can choose which resources are of the highest priority to guide smarter budget decisions.
**Link to or add your own documents**
The i2i Platform allows users to link to their own internal documents or even embed documents, or the information about their documents, alongside the Standards. This ensures that when a Standard is referenced you can see your own documents associated to the information.
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