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// i2i Software as a Service Sunday, 29 March 2015


CSA Spinning up Sustainability Standards
CSA Group, AHAM and UL release washing machine standards
Created by: US Marketing Team
[Tuesday 24 September, 2013]
ICC - International Code Council
Publisher of the International Building Codes
Created by: US Marketing Team
[Monday 16 September, 2013]



i2i main
i2i Publishing Services & Software as a Service
Managing your own content through the i2i Platform
SAI Global can help organizations deliver their information into i2i or Infostore. This can support membership led projects, global supply chain projects, individual resale projects or just to wider audiences used to technical information.
Our publishing services will help you design, edit, copyright, proof and distribute information either as traditional formats, or as mobile delivery integrated into compliance workflows.
Content Management Systems
i2i Participate is a collaborative content management system from SAI Global that allows organizations to create internal policies, standards and technical information in a digital first environment.
Visit for more information.
Software as a Service
The i2i Platform is a flexible and versatile information management system that can store, control and distribute key business information.
As a service within the platform, My i2i allows organizations to host their own internal documents that are linked to third party content. This allows for internal documents such as best practice guidelines, policies and product specifications to be linked to and cross referenced with, third party information such as Standards and regulations.
Using all of the features of the Standards management service, users can be notified of document changes, build collections, use quick view and download features, add links, notes and comments and bookmark favourite pages.
Some focused applications include;
i2i Automotive
i2i Automotive allows manufacturers to distribute to their global supply chains compliance checklists, internal quality guidelines, service level agreements and component specification sheets in a controlled environment. The supply chain gets notification of changing documents and the manufacturer can keep an audit trail of user access and downloads of the information.
i2i Oil and Gas
i2i Oil and Gas is a service that allows international and national Standards to be linked within company specific documents. Oil and Gas engineers can cross reference their own documents within i2i, use hyperlinks to quickly access Standards they have subscribed to and use all of the tools to manage their own content alongside regulations and guidelines. Increasingly, internal content is being converted into xml and used through hand held devices for users to access essential information in extreme working conditions. This now can be also linked to international Standards.
Contact us for a demo and more information at:
Americas Tel: + 1 201 986 1131
UK/EMEA Tel: +44 (0) 1344 636300
APAC Tel: + 61 2 8206 6060
Training and Learning from iQMS
Have you been thinking of training - follow our courses via the iQMS blogs.
Created by:
[Thursday 05 March, 2015]
BRC Participate Now Launched
BRC Global Standards has launched a new subscription service using the i2i Participate platform to provide on-line access to their leading food industry standards.
Created by: EMEA Marketing Team
[Monday 05 January, 2015]
Information about next year's new ISO 9001
The upcoming fifth revision to ISO 9001 provides further opportunity for organizations take stock of their current practices and use standards as the basis for the development of a Business Management System, to unlock the untapped value within their operations.
Created by: Carmine Liuzzi
[Wednesday 04 June, 2014]
New May updates to the i2i Platform
Improved 'fuzzy logic' searching and a new user interface just two of the updates in this quarterly i2i Platform release
Created by: EMEA Marketing
[Tuesday 29 April, 2014]